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Nano-metal Powder

Nano-Copper Powder

Product Introduction

Molecular formula: Cu
Diameter size: <100nm
Purity: >99.9%
Morphology: spherical
Mimimum Order: 100g

Conductive Coating on Material Surface;
Microelectronic Devices Development and Production

High-Efficiency Catalyst: 
In the automobile exhaust treatment of purification hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reaction of macromolecular polymerization, Nanometer copper powder as catalyst can be used to partially replace precious metal platinum and ruthenium.
With the development of electronic industry, nano preparation of ultrafine copper powder by thick film paste will play an important role in large scale integrated circuit.
In the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reaction of polymer and nanometer, copper powder catalyst has high activity and selectivity, the acetylene polymerization used to make the process of conductive fiber, nano copper powder is effective catalyst.
Ultrafine copper powder is a good electrical conductivity, high strength of nano copper indispensable basic raw materials. Because of their excellent electrical properties, ultrafine copper powder widely used in the conductive adhesive, conductive coatings and electrode material.
Nano-copper powder, instead of precious metal, could be used in electronic-device production for cost-reducing and optimization.
Fluid Material
 Lubricating oil combined with Nano-scale iron, copper, cobalt, titanium, nickel, molybdenum or alloys, can be employed in vehicle and ship engines for fuel saving, emission cut, wear-resistant, thermo stability, self-repairing, power enhancement, cold-startup optimization and so on. Hydraulic fluid contains nano-metal powders is able to improve the power stability and sustainability of hydraulic machinery

Copper ceramic pigment



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