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Nano-metal Powder

Nano-Iron Powder

Product Introduction

Molecular formula: Fe
Diameter size: <100nm
Purity: >99.9%
Morphology: spherical
Mimimum Order: 100g

Absorbing Material:
Military High Performance infrared, Visible light and Millimeter Wave Stealth material:Radio Wave Radiation Shielding Material
Magnetic Material:

Magnetic Head and Large-Capacity Tape Materials with High Saturation, Susceptibility, Permeability
Fluid Material
Lubricating oil combined with Nano-scale iron, copper, cobalt, titanium, nickel, molybdenum or alloys, can be employed in vehicle and ship engines for fuel saving, emission cut, wear-resistant, thermo stability, self-repairing, power enhancement, cold-startup optimization and so on.
Hydraulic fluid contains nano-metal powders is able to improve the power stability and sustainability of hydraulic machinery

Catalyst:replace precious metal Catalyst, Nitrotoluene catalyst preparation, axungeα,ω-amino-nitrile catalyst preparation.
Adsorbent: underground water pollution control
Chemical raw material: The preparation of some high-performance chemical products.
Magnetic powder core : Can significantly improve the magnetic powder core saturation magnetization


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