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Nano-metal Powder

Nano-titanium Powder

Product Introduction

Molecular formula: Ti
Appearance: Black
Diameter size: 80nm
Purity: >99.9%
Morphology: spherical
Mimimum Order: 100g


Wear resistance, corrosion resistance: after combined to generate a variety of new nano titanium with resin coating, corrosion resistance, with its coated objects can both boiling water, but also in seawater immersion loss in 10 years. It’s the most promising coating during the current Marine hull anti-corrosion coatings. At the same time, the coating hardness and wear resistance increased significantly, it also has magical ability to repair itself, can be used as a generic repairing adhesive metal, non-metallic materials.

Improve RuTie boron magnet coercive force and working temperature.

Powder metallurgy products
Nano-titanium Powder can be widely used in many household and industrial applications such as anti-corrosion materials, antibacterial materials, diamond tools, fireworks, fluorescent getter, molybdenum carbide head, alloy gold additives, medical equipment manufacturing and as well as sea water desalination.


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