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Nano-metal Powder

Nano-nickel Powder

Product Introduction

Molecular formula: Ni
Diameter size: <100nm
Purity: >99.9%
Morphology: spherical
Mimimum Order: 100g


Magnetic Fluid
Magnetic Fluid made of iron, Cobalt and Nickel alloys have excellent performance in sealing, damping, medical instruments, volume control, optical display and other fields.

High-Efficiency Catalyst
Huge specific surface area and high-activity brings super catalyst capability, which is administered in organic compounds oxidation and tail gas treatment. Nitrobenzene hydrogenation catalysts, catalytic effect more than 5 times greater than that of the conventional catalyst.Amino phenol catalyst

High-Efficiency Fuel Catalyst
Nano-nickel Powder also can be employed in solid propellant of rockets designed for space and military purpose to significantly lift fuel burning velocity and heat, improve controllability and stability.

Conductive Paste
Conductive paste is used to wiring, package and connection in electronics widely, and plays a key role in electronic-device miniaturization.

High Performance Electrode Material
Improve electrode specific surface area and discharge effect sighificantly, Alternative precious metals platinum catalyst in fuel cells

Activated-Sintering Additives
Nano-nickel powder has a high energy state at a lower temperature sintering which has a strong ability as an effective sintering additive. Used in manufacturing diamond tools, diamond tools to add the right amount of nano nickel powder can greatly improve the tools of sintering temperature and sintering density, improve the quality of tools

Conductive Coating on Material Surface
Microelectronic Devices Development and Production.Can be used for the preparation of magnetic materials, magnetic tape, magnetic powder core, etc


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