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Nano-metal Powder

Nano-cobalt Powder

Product Introduction

Molecular formula: Co
Diameter size: <100nm
Purity: >99.9%
Morphology: spherical
Mimimum Order: 500g

High-density magnetic recording materials
 Nano-cobalt powder has higher recording density, coeraivity (up to 119.4KA/m),signal/noise ratio and oxidation resistance, can make great improvement to the large-capacity hard disk.

Absorbing Material 
Military High Performance Infrared, Visible Light and Millimeter Wave Stealth Material

Magnetic Fluid 
Magnetic fluid made of Iron, Cobalt and Nickel alloys have excellent performance in sealing, damping, medical instruments, volume control, optical display and other fields.
Carbide, Diamond Tools, High Temperature Alloys, industrial Blasting Agents, Rocket Fuel and Chemical products.

Cemented carbide:
Increase the transverse rupture strength, density and hardness of cemented carbide, reduce the carbide voidage and avoid the formation of cobalt pool; Can adhesion on the surface of tungsten carbide, separated by tungsten carbide grain size, will help improve carbide comprehensive performance.

nanometer cobalt powder can significantly improve the microstructure of ceramic material, optimize its performance. Especially suitable for the preparation of electronic ceramics, the preparation of ceramic have strong plasticity, high hardness, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, such as performance, but also have high magnetic susceptibility, high coercive force, low saturation magnetic moment, low magnetic loss, and light absorption effect.

Battery industry:
using nanometer cobalt powder can be prepared the photoelectric conversion efficiency higher, also can work normally even if rainy day solar cells

New filter materials, etc


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