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Advantages and disadvantages of SLS (powder sintering techno

Time: 2018-04-28 Visitors: Sourse: ORENA Technology

Principle: At first, use of pressure rolls tile layer of powder to the formed on the surface of the workpiece, the CNC control the temperature of the laser beam in accordance with the cross-sectional profile of the layer on the powder layer scanning irradiation with rose powder melting point, thereby sintering and below the shaped part to achieve bonding. When the cross-sectional layer of the table after sintering will drop a layer thickness, then roll in the above will be uniformly covered with a layer of powder sintering and start a new one section, and so forth fully formed workpiece operate directly.

1) can be directly produced metal parts (unique).
2) a wide selection of materials.
3) can be manufactured complex components or molds.
4) no additional base support.
5) material utilization
1) sample surface roughness, grainy.

2) the process will produce harmful gases


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