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About Us

  Orena Technology Co., Ltd. is a nanotechnology corporation, located in Guangzhou New Material Industry Base. Based on the integrated wire-gasify production line and related production technology with independent intellectual property rights, Orena committed to solve the nano/micro materials industry problems such as industrial production, the scale application, R&D of new materials. Products include nano/micron spherical powders of ally, metals and their compounds. The production technology are unique, the powder performance index reaches the world advanced level. With advanced production technology and strong R&D strength, the products has achieved industrial application in the functional materials, metal, 3d printing consumables, polymer modified materials, electronic materials, and other high-tech fields.

  Orena Technology Co., Ltd. is also a high-tech 3D printing spherical metal powder manufacturer, annual production capacity of 100 tons, products covered by titanium, cobalt base ally, nickel base alloy, aluminum alloy, iron alloy, copper alloy, gold and silver and precious metals, etc. Equipped with first-class research and development and service team, has accumulated a large amount of date and professional experience in each 3D printing application market segment, provide the most professional consumables to the specific areas of application such as medical, military industry, conformal cooling molds, etc.

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